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, your education. >> right. so i relearned the world through being tactile and auditory, and so it's very interesting because in my last company i built some algorithms around the modalities in which people learn best because i had to relearn the modalities in which i learn best. >> i'm sorry. you're a mathematician at heart, and a blind mathematician. you still did math in your head. that must have been -- i assume you used to do it on a chalkboard -- i don't know how mathematicians work. believe me. >> she created cognitive maps of of the world in her mind when she was blind. i'm curious your techniques in doing that. >> how do you do that? >> and can you teach it? >> mathematics is a natural language for people, and we forget that, and we have so many -- we create the obstacles sometimes because we have a problem synthesizes information auditor auditorally or in other modalities, but math is the natural language of your brain, and so losing my sight, i spent a lot of time creating visual maps of the mathematics which mathematics is essentially patterns. so really trying to understand t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1